The Summit Experience

At Summit, students unlock the power within themselves to gain the knowledge, habits, and skills to successfully navigate college and careers. Summit’s research-based instructional approach informs everything we do and helped us create an educational experience unlike any other — one that supports the whole student throughout the school day.

Mentorship at Summit

Teachers are at the heart of every Summit classroom serving as content experts, mentors, and leaders. They ensure that students have the right supports to meet and exceed grade-level expectations; help students practice self-direction, an invaluable skill that students will use in all parts of their lives; and provide mentoring and coaching to help students reach their goals.

Below is “The Role of the Teacher in Summit Learning” YouTube Video

Empowered Students

Students are empowered to become self-directed learners — they set goals for their learning, reflect on their progress, and build habits and mindsets to help them succeed in college, career, and life. They discover their passions and interests, and makeplans to achieve their personal goals. Through support from a dedicated mentor, each student has a personalized learning experience that meets their individual needs.

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Personal Journey

Families have unparalleled access to their student’s school experience and a direct window into what their students are working on daily through their dedicated mentor. Because each mentor stays with a student for all four years, families have a single point of contact to help advocate for their child and provide guidance to help their student reach their goals.

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