Is Summit right for you?


1. You want to be a world-class project-based learning teacher

Our teachers are supported in being some of the best project-based learning teachers in the world, through a strong curriculum and assessment system that’s been designed by teachers, for teachers, and in partnership with some of the world’s most renowned learning scientists.

Small, diverse schools


2. You want to collaborate with high-performing, mission-aligned peers.

At Summit, teachers collaborate with their colleagues multiple times per week. You’ll meet each week with either subject-specific or grade-level specific groups to collaborate, and meet weekly as a full faculty to provide input, share resources, tackle issues that arise, and work toward our shared vision.

Believe in the ability of all students

3. You’re excited to grow and be developed in an organization that values continuous improvement

Summit teachers receive regular one-on-one coaching, professional development, observations, and feedback. As an organization, Summit is deeply dedicated to continuous improvement in order to best serve our students.
Student-centered Learning

4. You’re committed to supporting ALL diverse students to lead a fulfilled life

Summit schools are small, intentionally heterogeneous schools that reflect the demographics of their communities. Our teachers support each unique student by creating equitable learning pathways and through mentoring students with their individual long-term goals.


Summit teachers are required to have teaching credentials for all teaching roles. All applicants should have a teaching credential for California, Washington, or another U.S. state.

You can read more about specific credential questions in this Credentialing FAQ (Google Doc).