Summit Public Schools Home Office

Video length: 2 minutes 10 seconds

Ashley Prince, Director of Growth:
Working at Summit is different because everyone here is so willing to be completely bold and innovative in order to create change.

These are people that are very comfortable, really pushing ourselves and pushing the boundaries where necessary and do whatever it takes to really make sure that we’re creating a world that’s empowering for students.

Kyle Moyer, Director of Continuous Development:
We are always living our values. We talk about how students should learn and that that is reflected in how the adults in the organizations learn and conduct themselves.

Alberto Rodriguez, Community Engagement Manager:
I come from a background where mostly everything that I’ve done has revolved around education and really providing my community with the resources they need to succeed in life.

And I believe that Summit is a tool that can be beneficial to many people in our community and making sure that everyone knows that, hey, Summit is here and we really want our students in the community to succeed and move forward as the years go by and as generations go by.

Laura Henderson, Senior Director of Talent:
The goal of the talent team is to attract, develop and retain high quality, diverse faculty for Summit public schools.

I think there is a very unique culture at Summit. So working at Summit is very different from any place.

And it starts with the mission. I know when I walk into our offices every morning or when I walk into one of our schools, that every single person is really focused on the mission of preparing our students to be successful in life and in their careers.

Ashley Prince:
There are so many roles that are important in education, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Alberto Rodriguez:
I would totally recommend working at Summit for others.

It is still growing and growing more, and the more people that we can get that we get those passionate people, those people who want to come and make a difference the way Summit is making the difference.