Personalized Learning

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At the school, we have personalized learning. We each have laptops. We have the SLP, the Summit Learning Platform. And in that platform you have the ability – there’s a line for everything, so there’s a deadline. But you have the opportunity to go above and beyond or just take your time with it.

I enjoy the self directed learning and that I can learn at my own pace so I don’t have to feel really anxious about the whole entire workload. But I can fit it into my own personal schedule and not feel stressed about it.

They tell you the future projects and homework that’s assigned. And then you can email teachers, contact teachers, and work on your projects simultaneously while just living a normal life.

Teachers are more there to guide us through the learning process. And a lot of it is personalized, and we have the opportunity to sort of take our learning into our own hands and be able to personalize it to meet our individual needs.

I could spend less time, but move quickly throughout math. But let’s say I struggle with English. I can dedicate more time towards English, and less time towards math to make sure that all my needs are being met.

The experience here is going to be very different from any other high school. Mostly because everything is on an online platform. You can find everything your class is working on. You can find all the projects your teachers have assigned you. And you can find other resources that they’ve given to you. And then your own resources from the Internet. And that’s all in one place. So even if I miss a day because I’m sick, I’m not worried about getting behind in a class because I know it’s all going to be on that online platform.