We strive to reach every student and ensure they leave high school with the skills, knowledge, and habits they need to succeed. We are dedicated to ensuring every student can lead a fulfilled life, one with purposeful work; financial security; fulfilling personal relationships; engagement in the community; and the physical health needed to engage in daily life.

At Summit, we work toward this vision by preparing a diverse student population for success in a well developed, chosen Concrete Next Step after high school. We conceptualized Concrete Next Step, our fourth commencement level outcome, to empower students to pursue postsecondary pathways that align with their passion, values, and interests. A Concrete Next Step is a thoughtful, purpose-driven 3-5 year long-term plan for life after graduation. Summit students leave our schools fully prepared for university, and with the skills of communication, problem solving, and critical thinking that are core to choosing the right path for a fulfilled life.

Today, we operate 14 schools in California and Washington State and share our instructional approach — Summit Learning — with more than 380 schools, 3,800 educators, and 72,000 students across the country for free.

In this video below, the Summit leadership team and our students share insights from our 20-year journey to transform public education: