We strive to reach every student and ensure they leave high school with the skills, knowledge, and habits they need to succeed. We are dedicated to ensuring every student can lead a fulfilled life, one with purposeful work; financial security; fulfilling personal relationships; engagement in the community; and the physical health needed to engage in daily life.

At Summit, we work toward this vision in two key ways — by preparing a diverse student population for success in a four-year college and to be thoughtful, contributing members of society; and, by supporting our peers nationwide as they work to provide this same opportunity to their communities.

Founded in 2003 by a group of local families, today we operate 14 schools in California and Washington State and share our instructional approach — Summit Learning — with more than 380 schools, 3,800 educators, and 72,000 students across the country for free. We also operate the Summit Learning Teacher Residency Program, which creates a pipeline of diverse educators who are uniquely prepared to teach in Summit Learning classrooms.

In this video below, the Summit leadership team shares insights from our 15-year journey to transform public education:

Text transcript of “The Vision of Summit Public Schools” video