Confidential Medical Release Policy

School officials may (release) excuse a student from school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical services without the knowledge or consent of a parent/guardian for students in grades 7-12 (E.C. 46010.1). Medical-care related to pregnancy prevention/treatment, treatment of an infectious, contagious or communicable disease or diagnose/treat rape/sexual assault; drug or alcohol related, mental health treatment, counseling or residential shelter services or HIV testing qualifies.

The student shall meet with the School Director, Dean of Operations or designated staff member to request approval to leave campus for confidential medical care. School staff releasing students for confidential medical services must assess whether or not the student’s request is reasonable. For example, it may not be reasonable to release a student for services if the student has requested this kind of release on multiple occasions and did not access the services and/or there is reasonable suspicion that the student is not actually going to access the services. However, school staff shall not ask the purpose of an appointment for confidential medical services. The staff member shall inform the student of their responsibility to obtain and provide proof of treatment or appointment. It is recommended that the designated school staff member follow up with the student as necessary.

School staff may not provide or arrange for transportation for the student to the services or accompany the student to the medical services. School staff should not assume any responsibility for the student once the student leaves the school grounds. For example, school staff should not walk the student from the school to a bus stop.

Summit may not require that students obtain written parental permission prior to releasing them from school to receive confidential medical services and may not notify parents/guardians when students leave school to obtain such services. Parents are notified about the right to be excused from school for confidential medical services during the enrollment process.

A student’s absence, when released from school, shall be recorded in Illuminate as Medical (M) in coordination with the Dean of Operations and the Executive Director. The absence shall be cleared from any automated call system and parents shall not be notified of the absence. Any written verification regarding confidential medical services shall not appear in students’ school records and shall be kept in a separate confidential file in a designated location.