Like a Family

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This school is like – it’s like a family, a big family.

They just want you to grow and be a great person after high school. And I think that’s what high school should be.

Ms Reynolds:
Independence and collaboration. We believe that all kids, regardless of where they come from, can succeed and will succeed.

Mr Nelson:
We’re going to push them to be the best, to be at their best, to bring their best selves to our school every day. And when they do that, the success will happen.

For the parents, we actually get to see what they’re doing, and we get to see how they’re doing in a step by step process. Versus finding out at the end of the semester how they’re doing. We get to know along the way.

Mr Leon:
It’s been great to just see the kids grow from freshman that come in just kind of not knowing what high school is about, to now seeing them get accepted to colleges and just seeing them excited about their next steps in life. So that’s a really awesome moment.

Neither one of my parents finished college. So I assumed it would probably be the same for me. Coming here, they told me that that doesn’t need to happen. And now that I’m here, I have good grades and I got good grades on my PSATs and now I believe that I can get into a college that I actually want to. I didn’t think I would have the chance to go to a college in a different state or on the other side of the US. I never thought that was possible. And now I’m here and I feel like I can really do anything after this point.

This is a very diverse school. I am Hispanic. We also have a large population of African American, Asian, Caucasian students, a few Native American students here as well. Feel like everyone here has a voice.

Brandie Shipps, parent:
It’s a very good learning experience for your kid and for you. And it’s a good place for your kid. Whether they’re struggling or always been strong academically, there’s always a way for them to get stronger here.

Ms Reynolds:
I like to use the analogy that our school exists to say that all boats can rise, and that we just fill them up and help them rise and sail off.

I think if you want a place where you are new and a place where you are heard and a place where you’re respected, you should come to Summit Olympus.