College. Career. Life.

Welcome to Summit Prep, a free, public high school serving students in Redwood City.

Why Summit?

  • Real-World Experiences and Projects. Students develop life skills like collaboration, communication and problem solving needed to succeed after graduation.
  • Self-Direction. Students set goals and plan, work at their own pace and discover how they best learn.
  • Small, Safe, and Diverse Community. Every student is cared for and known.
  • Mentoring. Every student has a teacher who mentors them and checks in with them every week.
  • College-Prep Curriculum. 98% of graduates are accepted into at least one 4-year college.
  • Virtual School Ready. Uninterrupted learning while maintaining high expectations as school moved to virtual classrooms.

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Summit schools are...

1:1 Mentoring

Mentors support students academically and socially, and help them build key skills needed in college and life.

Real-World Projects

Students deepen their knowledge through meaningful projects that combine content with real-world skills.

Self-Directed Learning

Students learn to set goals, develop strategies to reach them, and reflect on how their plan worked.

Small, Diverse Learning Community

Each and every student in our tight-knit community is known, cared for, and valued.

Contact Us to Learn More

Email: choosesummitprep@summit-public-schools.localPhone: (650) 562-6365

Address: 890 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063