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My favorite part about Summit would have to be the teachers. They actually really care about what I’m doing, not only academically, but also outside of school.

I have two mentors, Mr Rocco and Mr Sobiac.

They are very great. I love them.

They have helped me grow as an adult and become the person I am today. I don’t think I’d be anywhere close to who I am today without them.

They’re just really supportive and they give me a lot of great advice academically and outside of school.

No matter where you stand academically right now, you will be able to thrive within this school because of the support systems that we have from teachers and peers.

I feel really prepared for college. I’m taking AP classes at the moment, and I’m doing pretty well in them.

There’s just a lot of caring, and I definitely have an adult or multiple adults that I trust here.