Character Lab

For Summit Prep, Summit Shasta, Summit Olympus

Summit Prep, Shasta, and Olympus are excited to announce that we have been selected to partner with Character Lab! This partnership connects students and schools with leading experts like Angela Duckworth to improve educational practices.

Why partner with Character Lab?

Students who participated in similar activities have shown improved achievement and well-being. This may look like increased academic effort, greater homework completion, better attendance, or higher GPA.

What will my child do?​

Your student will have the opportunity to participate in activities that support motivation and learning. Students typically complete these activities on school computers. At most, participation will last up to one class period (less than 45 minutes), no more than three times per year. These activities will not conflict with any special school activities or interrupt valuable learning time. For some activities, students may elect to receive automated text messages after school and on weekends (​never​ during the school day) that are meant to encourage positive behaviors.

Is participation voluntary?​

Yes! Your child may choose not to participate at any time. There is no penalty if your child elects not to participate. If he or she elects not to participate, an alternative activity will be made available.
What are you doing to protect my child’s privacy?​ Character Lab is taking comprehensive measures to protect student privacy. To learn more, you can review the Character Lab Student Privacy Policy at​.

More questions?

If you have additional questions, please the liaison between our schools and Character Lab.

You can also contact Character Lab directly at

Summit Public Schools 2021-2022 Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan