Favorite Projects

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One of my personal favorites from this year is the bio-diesel project that we did in our chemistry class. We were actually able to create our own bio-diesel. Actually, different types of bio-diesel we were able to test their efficiency by lighting it on fire.

This year my favorite project was the Bio-diesel Project. And we did a lot of research on it, and did our own scientific journal. And I’m not like trying to go into all research and stuff but it was quite interesting. It gave me another point of view, I guess, of something that I could possibly try out in the future.

Probably in AP literature. We read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and I didn’t think I would like the book at all. But… And I didn’t like annotating it, but the story was really fun. And Ms Ferris, my teacher, had fun activities planned throughout. And we made mind maps of the characters. It was just one of the better experiences that I’ve had reading a book in class.

One of our projects, we got to take the DNA out of the strawberry. It was really weird. We did all this with salt and alcohol, and then we scooped it up and it was this weird thing. It was really fun, though. I felt like a scientist. It was just fun.

I was in AP Environmental Science. We had to pick a city that means something to us and then fix it. So we’d take their environmental problems and find a solution that would benefit both the community there and the environment, which just really puts in perspective where we live and the whole idea of environmental science, which is really cool.

We had to extract DNA from a strawberry recently. And then we had to give a Socratic seminar about it, and talk about how genes are diversified all over the world, and how that could be manipulated and changed through some technological research that’s been happening recently.

There’s a really cool class that I was in last semester. We create our own music, so it’s called evolution of music, and you walk through different styles. You start in West African music and work all the way up to modern. And through that, every project has a song that you make for that.

All of our things are project based. So essentially we have different things that we do throughout. And they’re things that you do, as opposed to just learning a bunch of content and then you end the unit with a test.

Here, you get to use those skills in a real setting. So, for example, for this mock trial, I was the lawyer representing Great Britain, and we were trying to support that Great Britain’s imperialistic ventures with India was justified.

And then there was an India side. They had lawyers saying that Great Britain was not justified. So that was a lot of fun, because not only did I get to learn the content, I also got to apply it and gain some skills along the way.

I would say the poetry project on English, my freshman year. I never knew, really, what my big passion was until we actually did that project or went through that first year.