Summit’s Teacher Hiring Process

Summit Public Schools is looking for diverse, driven, and dynamic teachers to join our growing team. We’re excited to connect with interested candidates about joining the Summit team!

Before applying for a teaching position, we recommend you review the following to familiarize yourself with our approach.

Vimeo video – Personalized Learning at Summit Public Schools:

Text transcript of “Personalized Learning at Summit Public Schools” video



To become a Summit Public School teacher, you should have:

  • A commitment to uphold Summit’s values and a belief that all children deserve a rigorous and equitable education that prepares them for college and life
  • Teaching Credentials in California or Washington or another U.S. State (or a commitment to obtain a credential by completing an educator preparation program within two years of starting at Summit)
  • A Bachelor’s Degree (a Master’s Degree in Education is preferred but not required)
  • Clear health and background checks
  • Teaching experience in your subject preferred but not required


Process Overview & Timeline

Our hiring process typically lasts three to four weeks. Candidates often have the ability to accelerate this process by responding in a timely manner and keeping the flow of communication open. Our hiring team carefully reviews all completed applications.


Application Submission

(10-20 minutes)

When reviewing your resumé, we are interested in the progression and milestones of your career. Rather than simply writing the title of your position (“Tenth Grade Science Teacher”), we want to know more about your role and responsibilities in that position. We encourage you to highlight your accomplishments in each role and how they demonstrate your expertise. If you have a video of yourself teaching, we strongly encourage you to share that with us! Videos help give us a sense of how you interact with your students.


Phone Interview

(20-30 minutes)

If you advance to the phone interview stage, a member from the hiring team will reach out to schedule a brief phone call. Our aim is to understand who you are, why you’re interested in Summit, and whether you might be a good match for our open roles. Come prepared with questions so that you get a sense of whether Summit is the right fit for you.


School Leader Interview

(Estimated 60 minutes)

Following a successful phone interview, you’ll be asked to interview with a group of Summit school leaders. The interview is conducted either in-person at one of our school sites or via video conference. The interview will include performance tasks and behavioral questions. We’ll provide additional information about preparing for this interview ahead of time.

After the school leader interview, we may ask for additional follow-up information. You can generally expect to hear back from us within one week after a school leader interview.

We’re excited to get to know you through this process and eager to respond to any questions you may have.

For more information on the application and selection process, please review our FAQ page. You may also contact us at and we’ll generally respond within 1-2 business days. Thank you for your interest in Summit!