Mentoring Knowing Every Student with Summit Learning

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Norma Penny, Principal, Pasadena Independent School District:
In the traditional classroom, it’s just the way that it’s set up. It was impossible for me to reach every child, impossible.

With Summit, every child is mentored weekly, and they get to speak with their teacher, and they have time with their teacher and they are met where they’re at, which allows them to have that authentic dialogue.

[scene of teacher helping student]


Jacqueline Castro, 8th Grade Student, Lee Elementary School:
Because I didn’t have a mentor last year it was harder. It was like I couldn’t do work, like I couldn’t focus. But now that I have my mentor this year, it helps a lot. It’s like if I ever have something on my mind and I can’t do my work, I just go to her and just let it out and she’s there.

Kathleen Bourret, 8th Grade Teacher, Lee Elementary: They’re not used to having connection with their teachers in this way, somebody to say — what is your goal today, what are you going to work on, what is your focus?

[scenes of teacher helping student]


To have that thought partner in their curriculum, they’re not used to that. I wasn’t used to that. But we are treating a child more like the whole kid now.

By mid October, I was looking around saying, but I know these kids so well this year, if this mentoring piece weren’t part of it, I don’t know that it would be as successful for me as well as the kids.