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WHO WE ARE • Summit Learning Teacher Residency

About Our Program

To support the creation of high-quality personalized learning schools across America, we need a diverse pipeline of excellent, well-prepared, personalized learning teachers, both at Summit and in schools across the nation. The Summit Learning Teacher Residency opens in Fall 2017 to achieve those goals.

The Summit Learning Teacher Residency is a one-year program during which residents are immersed in Summit classrooms while also completing credentialing coursework leading to a California Single Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential. The residency program was designed in collaboration with Understanding Language - Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (UL-SCALE) and uses a gradual release of responsibility approach, as residents are immersed in Summit school sites four days a week, working up to independently teaching one class section for the second semester. Residents’ learning experiences and coursework mirror Summit’s personalized learning approach for students; residents engage in a project-based curriculum that is competency-based, self-directed, and student-centered.

Program Vision

The Summit Learning Teacher Residency commits to recruiting, developing, and supporting a diverse pool of teachers who embody Summit’s principles of personalized learning. Residents learn to:

  • engage students in deeper learning projects where they develop skills, apply content knowledge and integrate the disciplines in authentic performance tasks,
  • empower students as self-directed learners, helping them develop the habits and skills that lead to academic, professional and personal success,
  • nurture communities of learners by building meaningful relationships that allow students to grow and thrive, and
  • connect their instructional decisions and student actions to students’ long-term goals and aspirations.

To best achieve these goals, residents are prepared through a credentialing program that is embedded in a school site, creating a deep integration and alignment between the resident’s experience in the credentialing program and his/her experience in the classroom as a practicing teacher candidate. The residency model:

  • mirrors the student learning experience, with a focus on skill development, authentic assessment, attention to social and emotional learning needs, equity, and diversity,
  • empowers residents as self-directed adult learners with a personalized trajectory and timeline through the program,
  • supports residents to develop deep knowledge of their students and the communities from which they come, 
  • allows for immersive, mentored experiences with professional educators onsite, and 
  • positions residents as active and important members of a professional learning community, working with the teachers, administrators, mentors, students and families to implement, reflect upon and continuously improve upon personalized learning goals of the school community.

Why Join SLTR?

The Summit Learning Teacher Residency offers:

  • a comprehensive program that deeply integrates the credentialing coursework with the clinical experience,
  • a student teaching placement that is deeply integrated in a Summit school site in California for four full days each week for the length of the academic year,
  • learning experiences that allow residents to experience personalized learning themselves as students,
  • a California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential in English, History / Social Science, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, or Spanish,
  • daily coaching and support from a Cooperating Teacher, and weekly coaching and support from a Mentor (a full-time SLTR faculty member),
  • the opportunity to experience and collaborate with a diverse cohort of Residents, and
  • priority hiring for full-time teaching positions at Summit school sites in the year following the residency.

Apply for 2018-19

Applications for the 2018-19 school year will be available beginning on November 1.  Applications submitted by January 9, 2018 will receive priority in the admissions process.

Interested in More Information?

Please contact Pamela Lamcke, Director of Summit Learning Teacher Residency, for more information.

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