Summit Celebrates Diversity With a Student
Population Reflective Of The Local Community.





Our schools empower students to be self-directed learners working towards their college & career goals.

Learn more about our 11 Summit schools in California and Washington:

  • Summit Denali (Sunnyvale, CA) will serve 6th - 9th grades in Fall 2016
  • Everest (Redwood City, CA) serves 9th - 12th grades
  • Summit K2 (El Cerrito/Richmond, CA) will serve 7th - 9th grades in Fall 2016
  • Summit Prep (Redwood City, CA) serves 9th - 12th grades
  • Summit Rainier (San Jose, CA) serves 9th - 12th grades
  • Summit Shasta (Daly City, CA) serves 9th - 12th grades
  • Summit Tahoma (San Jose, CA) serves 9th - 12th grades
  • Summit Tamalpais (El Cerrito/Richmond, CA) will serve 7th grade in Fall 2016
  • Summit Olympus (Tacoma, WA) will serve 9th and 10th grades in Fall 2016
  • Summit Sierra (Seattle, WA) will serve 9th and 10th grades in Fall 2016
  • Summit Atlas (West Seattle, WA) will serve 6th and 9th grades in Fall 2017

Summit schools are public and tuition-free. We welcome everyone to attend, and there are no admission requirements. 

If you are interested in attending an Open House or Information Session, please visit our Calendar of Events.  


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