At Summit Public Schools, we believe each young person’s path to a fulfilled life is uniquely crafted and driven by their aspirations, interests, and strengths. To support students on their path, we ensure that every Summit graduate leaves with a Concrete Next Step in life after high school. A Concrete Next Step is a 3-5 year plan for a student’s future after high school and includes multiple next-step acceptances to choose from, and at least one acceptance must be to a four-year college. Ultimately, it represents a best-fit next step for the student.

Each year, ten Summit Seniors are awarded the Oster Scholarship to help them embark on their Concrete Next Step. We want to extend immense gratitude to Robert and Marion Oster, without whom, the Scholarship would not be possible. 

While over one hundred Summit seniors were nominated, the selection committee was compelled by the ten individuals honored below. Join us in celebrating our Oster Scholars, their remarkable journeys, and their pursuit of dreams.

Lauren Bozman

Summit K2

Concrete Next Step: Berkeley City College | Major: Economics and Business Administration

Lauren’s journey begins at Berkeley City College, where she embarks on her quest for knowledge in Economics & Business Administration. Her Concrete Next Step is carefully chosen as a stepping stone towards her ultimate goal of medical school. Lauren has spent time crafting a thoughtful plan for her future that allows her to achieve her dreams while incurring minimal financial burden.

Mia Guillory

Summit Tahoma

Concrete Next Step: UC Davis | Major: Biology and Health

At UC Davis, Mia’s passion for biology will flourish as she sets her sights on becoming a physician’s assistant. Her journey is a testament to her innate desire to serve others, nurtured by a childhood fascination with the medical profession. Mia’s excitement at joining the UC Davis community underscores her resilience and determination in embarking on her Concrete Next Step.

Sofia Pereda Zanni

Summit Tamalpais

Concrete Next Step: San Francisco State | Major: Health Science

Sofia’s commitment to her community is clear as she begins a major in Public Health at the University of San Francisco. Fuelled by transformative experiences in youth public safety programs, Sofia’s journey is marked by an unwavering dedication to serve others. Her family’s incredible support also serves as a beacon, helping her help others in the future.

Tiffany Medrano Martinez

Summit Everest

Concrete Next Step: San Francisco State University | Major: Cinema & Ethnic Studies

San Francisco State University is the next step in Tiffany’s journey to exploring the realms of cinema and ethnic studies. Her vision extends beyond just storytelling, and she seeks to amplify the voices of the Chicano community. Tiffany’s mentors, including local artists and school mentors, Ms. Stapp and Mr. Schwartz, embody the spirit of her pursuits and have supported her along the way.

Gael Lopez

Summit K2

Concrete Next Step: University of California, Los Angeles | Major: Psychology & Public Health 

Gael’s journey intertwines psychology, public health, and a profound desire to foster change in his East Bay community. On his road to UCLA, he is driven by personal encounters with mental health challenges. Gael’s resilience, nurtured by his mother’s steadfast support, helped him commit to making a tangible impact on healthcare disparities.

Omar Sanchez

Summit Everest

Concrete Next Step: University of California, Merced | Biological Sciences

UC Merced becomes Omar’s next stop on realizing his dreams in the field of biological sciences. His journey, shaped by familial emphasis on education and a newfound passion for dentistry, epitomizes the triumph of perseverance. Omar’s mentors, including his high school mentor Mr. Schwartz, embody the transformative power of guidance, illuminating pathways to success.

Abdullah Aljanabi

Summit Atlas

Concrete Next Step: University of Washington, Seattle | Major: Pre-Med

As the first in his family to attend college in the United States, Abdullah’s journey at the University of Washington is exciting for everyone. Driven by a passion for medicine and a sense of responsibility towards global healthcare disparities, Abdullah’s path is illuminated by familial values of perseverance and hard work.

Jaqueline Top Moreno

Summit Prep

Concrete Next Step: University of San Francisco | Major: Nursing

At the University of San Francisco, Jaqueline will begin her career in nursing, thanks to her deep-seated passion for pediatric care. Inspired by her experiences as a babysitter and an internship at Stanford, Jaqueline’s journey is guided by mentors who recognize her potential to make a difference in children’s lives.

Loren Hung

Summit K2

Concrete Next Step: University of California, Berkeley| Major: Engineering Physics & Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Loren will continue his education at UC Berkeley, a next step that would not have been possible without her passion, ambition, and family. Loren is deeply interested in exploring the intersections of engineering and physics, and his path is guided by his older sister, with whom he is excited to share an alma mater.

Alexa Martinez

Summit Everest

Concrete Next Step: San Jose State University | Major: Psychology

Alexa’s journey toward nursing at San Jose State University is a choice rooted in her passion for community service and love for her family. With aspirations to become a pediatric emergency nurse, Alexa’s journey reflects the resilience and determination shaped by the guidance of mentors and the unwavering support of those closest to her.