Summit Everest, a public high school in Redwood City, welcomed 16 of the 2019 class of State Teachers of the Year this month creating an opportunity to learn from one another.

The State Teachers of the Year are recognized for their expertise, effective teaching and advocacy. By participating in the program, each winner is equipped to act as a spokesperson and advocate for the teaching profession.

The teachers represented traditional and public charters from across the nation.  During their visit on Feb. 8, teachers and Summit were able to learn from one another, discuss different approaches to learning, see classes in action and hold meaningful conversations.

During the visit, teachers were able to explore the pillars of Summit: mentorship, real-world projects and individualized pathways. In addition, we were able to showcase the Summit Learning Platform,  a tool teachers leverage and a secret to our high rate of acceptance to a four-year college.

The group then took to the hallways to see different classes in action, visiting modern world studies, biology and AP English literature. Following the class tour, a select group of students shared their personal stories. Sophomore Nicola Self, junior Karla Santana and senior Oliver Pardo participated in a student panel where they were able to tell the group about their mentors, favorite projects and unique learning styles.

The visit wrapped up with a Q&A session with Everest Executive Director Jimmy Zuniga. Zuniga is in the unique position to not only share his experience as executive director but also as a Summit alumnus. The cohort and Zuniga had a fantastic conversation as Everest’s leader gave additional insight into his new role and as the group shared insights gained from the National Teacher of the Year Program. The teachers were interested in Summit Everest’s mentorship program, where teachers and school leaders mentor students throughout their academic journey.

This was the second time that Summit Everest had the opportunity to host the National Teacher of the Program, run by the Council of Chief State School Officer.