Summit Denali Middle School Curriculum

Subject 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Social Science Ancient Civilization Medieval History US History
English English 6 English 7 English 8
Math* Math 6 Math 7 Math 8
Science Science 6 Science 7 Science 8
Electives 2 half-year Elective Courses 2 half-year Elective Courses 2 half-year Elective Courses


Summit Denali High School Curriculum

Subject 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Social Science World Studies I World Studies II AP US History AP Government
English English 9 English 10 AP English Language & Composition AP English Literature Composition
Math* Math I Math II Math III AP Statistics and/or AP Calculus
Science Biology Physics Chemistry AP Environmental Science
Spanish Spanish 1, 2, 3, & AP Spanish (Min of 2 years)
Arts Visual/Performing Arts Course (1 year)
Expeditions 1-2 Expeditions Experiences each year (See more about Expeditions)

* While the vast majority of 9th graders will be appropriately challenged by Math I, students may accelerate to Math II if they demonstrate proficiency in Math I through a placement test at the start of the school year. In 12th grade, students have the option to take AP Statistics and AP Calculus concurrently if they demonstrate their ability to meet the demands of the course load.

High School Graduation Requirements

In order to help us achieve our mission, we have the following graduation requirements in place:

Part 1: Coursework



History / Social Science 4 Years of Credit

  • One each in World History & US History
English 4 Years of Credit
Mathematics 4 Years of Credit
Laboratory Science 4 Years of Credit

  • In at least two of the following sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science
Language other than English At Level 2 or higher
Visual and Performing Arts 1 year of credit
Electives At least 1 year of electives course other than Visual and Performing Arts

Part 2: College Preparation

  • Take AP English Language exam as an 11th grader
  • Take one AP exam of student’s choice as a 12th grader
  • Apply to at least one 4-year college