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Kevin Franey

Kevin Franey

College: Loyola Marymount University
Hometown: Dalton, GA

Major: History

Professional Goal: High School History Teacher

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How has the Summit's Tutoring Corps prepared you for a career in education?

The professional development through the Tutor Corps specifically as well as being a part of the general Summit community has provided me with so many new skills and strategies to use in the classroom.  From discussions and practice scenarios on specific educator skills to observing great teachers in the classroom and working directly with them I feel completely ready to take on a classroom of my own.

Why Summit's Tutoring Corps?

Summit provides so many incredible opportunities to grow and learn as an educator while being a part of such a thoughtful and dedicated faculty.  Getting to be a part of a mentor group, building one-on-one relationships in Summit Reads, and feeling the collective energy in PLT are all amazing experiences that have helped me develop my identity as a teacher.

What has been the highlight of your year in Summit's Tutoring Corps?

The highlight of my year so far has been the relationships I have built with my mentor group and my tutoring caseload, getting to celebrate the victories and support through the struggles.  Building these relationships through the school-wide camping trip, the PLP meetings, and day-to-day classes has been so rewarding.

How has your work at Summit changed the way you view education?

The power of giving kids the skills to become self-directed learners cannot be overstated.  Teaching kids how to think, how to learn on their own, will not only make them successful in college but in all their endeavors and this is something which Summit places as the highest value.

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