In 2000, A Group Of Parents From Silicon Valley Asked:


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The Summit Tutoring Corps, an Americorps program, is a one­ year urban education fellowship at a Summit campus. This is a unique opportunity to explore a future career in education and to build strong relationships with students and families.


Russyan Mabeza

Russyan Mark Mabeza

"I've learned to not give up on the American educational system, that it can move forward, and I have a place, no matter how seemingly insignificant I perceive it to be, to contribute towards the goal of equitable, rigorous and empowering education for every student in this country."  read more >

Sergio Quinones

Sergio Quinones

"My parents instilled in me a deep seated respect for community. From an early age, they would tell me that my successes were not achieved in isolation, as my actions were largely influenced by those in my network" read more >
Kevin Franey

Kevin Franey

"The power of giving kids the skills to become self-directed learners cannot be overstated.  Teaching kids how to think, how to learn on their own, will not only make them successful in college but in all their endeavors and this is something which Summit places as the highest value." read more >
Alexandra Abarca

Ali Abarca

"The Summit teachers and faculty are a truly outstanding group of people. I am continuously impressed by their constant reflections on and assessment of their teaching practices, as well as their willingness to adapt and change their practices as they work towards creating the most equitable and rigorous learning environment possible." read more >
Macy Sharif

Macy Sharif

"I have grown a lot as an educator through Summit's Tutoring Corps program. It has prepared me for a career in education because of its unique balance of theory and practice." read more >

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