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I’ve been so involved in both of my children’s schools for so long that when I go to another school, it reminds me of the amount of community and family involvement that we parents have created here.


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What is a charter school?

Charter schools are public schools. They are tuition-free and open to any student who wishes to attend. Charter schools allow parents, organizations, or community groups to restore, reinvent, and reenergize our public school system. Charter schools are designed, tailored, and governed by each local community, rather than by a central bureaucracy.

What does it mean to be tuition-free?

As public schools, Summit schools are free of charge to students who want to attend. There are no fees associated with enrolling in the schools. All students receive a rigorous, college-preparatory education at no cost to them or their families.

Who are Summit teachers?

Our teachers are highly motivated, academically accomplished, innovative and creative. They come to us from the best teacher preparation programs across the country because they truly believe in giving every student the skills needed to succeed in college and career.

At Summit, teachers participate in 40 days of professional development each year, during which they work together to ensure students are always receiving the highest quality education.


What extracurricular activities are available at your schools?

Participation in extracurricular activities is essential to developing a well-rounded student. It is also an extremely important component of the college application. Applicants are most attrac-
tive when they have a strong academic record and demonstrate a sustained commitment to select extra-curricular activities.

At Summit schools there is a focus on developing happy, healthy students who have a well-balanced lifestyle that mixes academic classes with personal passions and enjoyable extracurriculars. The majority of these activities are driven by student interest and demand. The philosophy at Summit schools is to embrace student leadership and initiative.

Students can expect the full support of the faculty in their interests and endeavors. Many of the activities and extra-curriculars take the form of Expeditions electives, clubs, committees, athletic teams, and organized social occasions.

How do Summit schools create safe environments?

Summit schools devote considerable time and attention to developing and maintaining safe school environments.

Key elements include:

  • A commitment to building and modeling character
  • A principled vs. rules based approach
  • Consistent high standards and expectations
  • Involved parents



What's the process for applying to transfer into the school in the current school year?

If you would like to transfer or enroll in one of our schools during the current school year, please submit an application either online or at our school. For our California schools, if spaces are available, we will hold a lottery at 10:00 AM every school day through September 2016. After September, our schools will hold a mid-year transfer lottery, if spaces are available. Please check our Calendar to find the date of each school's transfer lottery. All lotteries will be held at each school in the Executive Director's office, unless otherwise noted. For our Washington schools, if spaces are available, students will be accepted in the order their application is received.

For students transferring to grades 10 - 12, you will need to submit an official transcript.


What is the application process?

All you need to do is submit an online application. You can complete one for our schools in California here or for our schools in Washington here. There are no prerequisites or requirements for applying to a Summit school as we are a public charter school.

Each school has a preference for its lottery, which you can find in its application packet after you apply. At each lottery, students will be randomly chosen from the applications submitted to that school.

If you are accepted in the lottery, congratulations! You will have the option to enroll your student at that Summit school.

If you are not accepted in the lottery, then you will be placed on a waitlist. As openings become available, students will be given acceptances in the order in which their name was drawn in the original lottery.

When are the school lotteries?

Please check our Calendar to find the date of our schools' lotteries.

Should I apply to multiple schools?

Yes, if possible, we encourage you to apply to multiple Summit schools to increase your chances of being selected in the lottery.

How do I sign up for a school tour or shadow day?

Please contact your school of interest to find out whether they hold school tours and shadow days.

If I can't apply online, how can I apply?

If you're unable to apply through our online application portal, you can download our application below and either mail in or drop-off a completed form at one of our schools.

English: California Intent to Enroll / Washington Intent to Enroll

Spanish (español): California Intent to Enroll / Washington Intent to Enroll

Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt): California Intent to Enroll / Washington Intent to Enroll

Chinese (中文): California Intent to Enroll / Washington Intent to Enroll

Tagalog: California Intent to Enroll / Washington Intent to Enroll

Somali: California Intent to Enroll / Washington Intent to Enroll


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